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Linda Bean’s Perfect Maine
Attn: Human Resource Director
PO Box 43 Hinckley, ME 04944




Your position with us will be to replace bedding and towels and thoroughly clean our vacation rental homes and hotel guest rooms in a timely manner before next guest arrivals. You will be given the procedures and policies your manager expects you to follow. Responsibilities include but are not limited to: You are expected to dust, clean mirrors, wash bathrooms, change sheets and towels, make beds, clean kitchens, vacuum and wash floors, wash, dry and fold all the linens (may be asked to wash guests clothes as well) and clean the rental mooring shower/bathroom serving boating guests of the company. It will be your responsibility to notify your manager of any damages by guests or others, missing furnishings and artwork, and items left behind by guests. Pay attention to repairs and maintenance work that needs to be done and notify the manager. Keep an active inventory of all cleaning supplies and linens and notify the manager when cleaning supplies and provisions for guests are running low and need to be reordered. You are expected to work within a team but without immediate supervision. Applicants must be able to stand and move actively for sustained periods of work time and to bend, lift and carry up to 40 lbs as needed. Your smiling, friendly, outgoing and positive personality is an incentive for us to invite you to join our “can do” housekeeping team.

Seaside Inn: 5 Cold Storage Road, Port Clyde, ME 04855
Ocean House Hotel: 870 Port Clyde Road, Port Clyde, ME 04855
Vacation rental homes located in Tenants Harbor and Port Clyde, Maine