St. George Companion Service Providers

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St. George Community Development Corporation only maintains this list of individuals in the community who have stated that they provide companionship services in St. George.  The St. George Community Development Corporation in no way offers any endorsement or referrals for these providers.  We encourage all those who are seeking companion services in St. George to complete thorough background checks on candidates and to require proper insurance for the services provided.

Carlos Salazar Medical housecalls throughout Knox County and Telehealth services for all of Maine. 305-297-4056

Joanne Gray provides all-around companionship, driver, errand person, housework provider, and cooks services.  She may be contacted at

Sue Dean provides PSS, CNA, CRMA services as well as general companion services.  She may be contacted at 207-691-7715.

Michelle Cross provides transportation, housekeeping, meal prep, and could assist with some ADLs and medication / financial management. I have completed CNA training (license expired), and have several years experience bookkeeping, and working in crisis and case management services for people with mental health diagnosis as well as incarcerated men. 207-542-6056

Amber Benner provides companionship, shopping, light housekeeping, and more services to help you remain in your home.  She may be contacted at 207-593-2646 or

Marta Sisco provides companion services including overnights.  She may be contacted at 801-330-3272.

Christie Libby provides companion, driving, cleaning and general chore support.  She can be reached at 207-975-3740 or