The St. George Community Development Corporation is committed to building awareness about local events and happenings.  Community members and businesses are invited to share their posters and flyers for posting on the website.  Listings are posted as they come into our office in no particular order.  If you have something to share, please send it to

Touring Peninsula Art

LED Bulb Exchange in St. George

In cooperation with the Island Institute, the St. George Community Development Corporation is looking to bring LED light bulb exchange to our community and into your home.  LED bulbs can save homeowners $100 per year in electricity costs.  Making the switch to LED eliminates toxic CFLs, decreases energy bills and decreases waste with long-lasting bulbs.  By purchasing bulbs in bulk, we as a community can unlock the potential for even more savings by making the switch.  Enroll your household today by completing the form below.

Are you ready to make the switch and save with LED Bulbs?


Complete the form below to be contacted about making the switch to LED Energy Saving Bulbs in your St. George home.  Buying our bulbs in bulk, as a community, allows us to save even more when making the community-wide switch.  We’ll be in touch!



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Annual Public Meeting

If you’ve been curious about the St. George Community Development Corporation’s projects and endeavors in our first year of operation, we invite you to join us for our Annual Public Meeting to be held Tuesday, July 24th at 6 pm at the St. George Town Office. We hope to see you there!

St. George Community Cupboard

During the state-mandated quarantine time, the Community Cupboard will continue to meet our community’s food needs to the best of our ability with the supplies we have and as more food becomes available.  To request a food box from the Community Cupboard, please complete this order form.

Donations:  To view a list of our most needed items, please click here.  To order items online and have them delivered to the Community Cupboard please visit our Amazon Charity List.

Operating Hours:  Thursdays 2 pm- 7 pm.  If you need additional assistance, please call 207-372-2193.

Volunteers:  We are always looking for new volunteers.  Please contact

2018:  The St. George Community Development Corp. is excited to announce the creation of a food pantry for residents of the peninsula. Called the St. George Community Cupboard, it will be located at 47 Main Street, in a room adjacent to the CDC’s office. 

After only 3 months in operation, the Community Cupboard was serving over 20 St. George families with more than half of those families visiting the pantry weekly.  We couldn’t have been happier with this growth.  Our shelves remained stocked thanks to the many donations from community members.

After our first 6 months in operation, the community cupboard now serves 41 St. George households.  Our growth has led us to the expected next steps which include the hiring of a Food Pantry Manager who can focus 100% on the needs of our clients and membership into the Good Shepherd Food Bank which will allow us to use donations even more wisely with their reduced food costs.

The Community Cupboard is run by local volunteers and is open for clients each week on Thursdays, except for major holidays and snowstorms. In addition to food, the pantry carries some hygiene products. We are hoping to establish some community gardens in which folks can grow food for themselves or for the pantry. If you are interested in becoming a client, in volunteering for the Cupboard, in becoming a community gardener, or in donating non-perishable goods, please stop by the Town Office, or the CDC office, or call us at 372-2193 for more information.