Housing is a broad topic.  From affordable housing and community housing to shared housing and senior housing, this is a huge area to cover.  Yet it is vital to the longevity of our community to be sure that everyone in the community and those interested in joining our community can afford to rent or own a home in St. George.
Housing Projects In St. George

We don’t currently have any housing projects underway in St. George.  Why may you ask? Housing is one of our long-term project areas.  Looking at housing means looking at a scale of months and years for projects to come to light.  But read below and see the smaller housing projects that we are looking for eager and able volunteers to spearhead in the community.

Also of note, our housing committee meets at least bi-monthly to try to identify and tackle the housing topic in St. George.  Come join the conversation.  Visit the calendar to find meeting dates and times.

Suggested Housing Projects-Will You Lead?

The community comes to us with project suggestions all the time.  These are projects suggested by community members that we are looking for volunteers to step up and take the reigns on.

  • Credit Enhancement Programs/Co-Loan Programs
  • Elder/Shared Housing Options
  • Community Home Improvement Program (safe, warm, dry)
  • Winterization 
  • Bulk LED Light Purchase (Island Institute)
  • Home Buying Education Classes
  • Tiny Houses in St. George