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Community Development in St. George is about utilizing the power of our amazing community.  Coming together to solve problems, take collective action and generate solutions to common problems.  Connecting the dots between local organizations for the benefit of all in the community.
Economic development in St. George is about making choices to improve the economic well-being and overall quality of life for everyone in our community.  From job creation to general assistance programs, we can make progress and invest in the resiliency of St. George.
Housing is a broad topic.  From affordable housing and community housing to shared housing and senior housing, this is a huge area to cover.  Yet it is vital to the longevity of our community to be sure that everyone in the community and those interested in joining our community can afford to rent or own a home in St. George.
Educational opportunities in St. George are not abundant.  While our school works diligently to provide the best education for our children, we see a need to offer more adult education, parenting education and trades training to ensure the long-term success and improve the resilience of our community.
Wellness and healthcare go hand in hand.  The supply of healthcare and wellness services in St. George is limited to our local ambulance service and their para-medicine program.  Both physical accessibility and services accessibility need to be addressed to ensure a healthy St. George.


The St. George Community Development Corporation’s mission is to help make the town of St. George and its villages livable for all residents.

We lead and fund innovative projects that enhance the community’s resiliency by supporting community and economic development, developing workforce housing, expanding educational opportunities, and increasing access to healthcare.

Office Hours

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St. George Community Development Corporation
47 Main St.
PO Box 160
Tenants Harbor, ME 04860

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