Our Vision

A resilient, caring community that comes together to solve problems and take collective actions that support and protect both the heritage and the future of the St. George Community.

Our Mission

The mission of the St. George Community Development Corporation is to help make the town of St. George and its villages livable for all residents. We will lead and fund innovative projects that enhance the community’s resiliency by supporting community and economic development, ensuring the presence of workforce housing, expanding educational opportunities, and increasing access to healthcare. As a new entity, the St. George Community Development Corporation seeks not only to consolidate community efforts in the Town of St. George Maine and its villages to address these challenges but to also inspire the community to come together to build mutually supportive, sustainable programs and institutions. We believe that a resilient and sustainable community rests on five interdependent pillars of strength and that the StGCDC can be a nexus to support programs that weave them together to help ensure our community’s long-term success.  In that spirit, we plan to work closely with the existing local institutions, including the Town of St. George, the St. George Municipal School, the St George Volunteer Firefighters & Ambulance Association, the Jackson Memorial Library, and the St. George Business Alliance,as well as with other local community groups. Together, we can identify and prioritize needs and opportunities across our five activity areas and serve as a center for community involvement.

Our Staff

Alane Kennedy Operations Manager alane@stgeorgecommunity.org

Our Board of Directors

Robert Kelley            rkelley@stgeorgecommunity.org

Don Carpenter

Linda Small

Brendan Chase