Community in St. George, Maine

While the St. George Community Development Corporation has its mission, vision, and goals, our real inspiration comes from the community in which we live; St. George, Maine.  Whether you are a seasonal resident or a seasoned resident of this small coastal community, you are what makes this community unique, inspiring and a true representation of “the way life should be” to the world.  These are a few of the things that drive the Power of our Community in St. George

  • the diverse wisdom that is tucked into our residents that range from scholars, educators and communications specialists to tradespeople, fishermen and hospitality workers.  Our divergent worldviews, backgrounds, and ideas mean we can approach the same problem with different solutions and listen, collaborate and act in a way that works for the many, not just for a few.
  • our residents’ abilities to consistently push their limits of understanding, appreciation, and determination to not give up when we are working toward a similar goal.  When a community member’s belief in themselves is waning, they need only to look around and find strength in their neighbors.
  • the unspoken and unwavering support we give to each community member for their successes and losses.  Carrying both pride and pain for our neighbors and friends with understanding and open hearts.

Allowing everyone in the community to be a part of the solution to any problem is what gives real strength and resilience to St. George.   The phrase “it takes a village” certainly applies, but in St. George “it takes all of our villages” to build a strong and thriving future.