We don’t have any pictures to demonstrate how valuable the iLead series with the Island Institute was.  Here’s a quick recap.  The idea to participate came from a passing conversation with Meredith Ballinger, an Island Fellow from the Island Institute working in St. George.  She mentioned that she was at a training with fellow fellows where representatives from the Island Institute shared portions of a webinar series they were collaborating on called iLead.  The training was geared for non-profit board members and the course was focused on strengthening roles of not for profit board members through education on a variety of topics including mission statements, board roles and responsiblities, conflict management, and financing and fundraising.

St. George has over 12 not for profit organizations operating in this tiny coastal community.  Each has worked diligently within their organizations to meet the goals and missions of their organizations.  Each organization faces the same struggles of attracting new energy to their boards and generating new and fantastic fundraising and programming ideas.  Yet, before the iLead series, many of these organizations had not sat down in a room together to talk to each other and share their insights, experiences and knowledge.  iLead from the Island Institute opened that door and the experience was very well received.

There were 10-15 participants in each session.  There was a little awkwardness with the online/webinar format for the course, but that tended to keep the mood of attendees light and open.  Many great discussions originated from the series and at the end of the program, most attendees were interested in continuing to come together to collaborate with the hope of identifying the role each organization plays in the community, where there are gaps in services/missions and how we can all add value to the community through our programs and events.

Our hope is that in the Fall of 2018, the St. George Community Development Corporation will be able to continue with another series that addresses HIPPA compliance, Grant Writing, Budget Building and Mission Collaboration.